Honda Riders Club





Honda Riders Club of America Black Hills Chapter

301 Campbell Street

Rapid City, SD 57701


President:  Doug Smith                 431-0297

Vice President:  Dave Davis    390-7668

Secretary:  Joyce Gibson     343-7016      

Treasurer:  Viv Reub     484-9838

Exec. Officer:  Karen Horne-Orose   415-7088

Newsletter Editors:  Joyce & Viv


1 --- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

11 --- Club breakfast & meeting --- Golden Corral -- 9:00

Welcome to the New Year!  Now we can start all over and make new memories, same ole mistakes (probably), make new friends and love our family. 

What a nice Christmas party altho we didn't get to initiate the new Rapid Valley Fire Hall, 33 of us still enjoyed the old one and it is a very nice place. Thank you to Dan Brusseau for a very moving blessing before our banquet and all from a miniscule piece of paper!!

 (Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?)

Our slate of club officers for 2015 are listed at the top of the newsletter with only a change of president. Thank You to Bill Winegar for the past year as president and good luck on his other endeavors, cutting hair or flipping pancakes.

 (Why is the third hand on the watch called a second hand?) 

The list of charities we were donating to went from three to four when Dale Claymore added the Naji Shriner's Transportation Organization.  The other recipients were WAVI, the Humane Society, Pennington County Search & Rescue along with our yearly contribution to the Forgotten Elderly.  Dave Davis made a motion we give each charity $400, seconded by Max, motion carried. 

(Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor while dishwashing liquid is made with real lemons?)

 Well there sure was confusion and mayhem? when the mileage contest awards were presented! Brooks went from first place to nowhere, second place moved to first, third move to second, rocking chair became third and a new rider moved into that position. Couch Potato stayed the same, thank heavens! So the new listing is: 

1st -- Dave Davis -- 12,463 miles >>> 2nd -- Dale & Wanda Claymore -- 9,285miles >>> 3rd -- Dan Miller -- 8,361 >> Rocking Chair -- Max & LouAnn Wimp --- 4,896 miles  >>> and Couch Potato -- Bill & Jan Winegar – 2,450 miles. 

(Why do we say something is out of whack? What is a whack?) 

Exec. Officer Karen collected $76 for the 50/50 Pot after I heard that Don Rice was wondering if there was going to be a drawing! The two winners collected $38 apiece and they were Kathy Bessette and Tim Orose. 

(Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected the expected?) 

The Christmas gift exchange unwrapped some very nice gifts and of course Max had his usual "expected" gifting to someone who has done about 12 years of back seat riding behind a belligerent A _ _ _ _ _ _? Marilyn Uhrig received a very necessary and useful handy, dandy cane for whacking of her

driver and afterwards said driver could use it for a crutch from the necessary whacking! OH MY!! 

(Why isn't there mouse flavored cat food?) 

Our Christmas dinner was superb with so many goodies it was hard to taste everything. Thank you everyone for furnishing your dishes accompanied by serving spoons, I'm proud of ya! Also appreciate everyone un-decorating while some of us were having an emergency crocheting class. It could re-convene at any time if interested. 

(Why is it called "after dark" when it is "after light"?) 

Sending out Good Well Wishes to Jane Knapp for a damaged hand received from a fall and now off to have shoulder surgery new year's eve. We wish you a speedy recovery!

                      <<<<<<< HAPPY NEW YEAR >>>>>>  


January 7  -  Phyllis Rice

January 12  -  Michelle Rice

January 16  -  Doc Palmer

January 24  -  Dan Uhrig

January 24  -  Bill Singer

January 25  -  Mike Uhrig



January  16  -  Richard & Becky Brooks



Honda Riders Club of America

Black Hills Chapter

301 Campbell Street

Rapid City, SD 57701

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